First Aid Basics was born out of a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge, a frustration of the ‘dull’ perception of the  image of first aid training and general day to day experience of being a mother to 2 fearless young children!

The First Aid Basics philosophy is all about having a go and building the confidence to care. First Aid is a practical skill so all our courses have plenty of hands on practice and ‘have a go’ scenarios. We appreciate that perfection isn’t always achievable and that adequate care provided is better than perfect care withheld.

We don’t recruit staff based on how many letters they have after their name, or the number of ‘ologys’  they possess. We recruit our team based on their teaching capabilities and most importantly their real passion for first aid and sharing information. We believe that a few hours of their time could make a difference to your life or the life to those around you. All our team are certified Emergency First Response Instructors so have qualified  to the highest level, and have experience teaching the full range of programs.